Yes We Did!

Barack Obama has won the race for President of the United States of America. I’ve been impressed with him since the primaries. Even drove down to my old address to vote for him to hope he got the nomination. Something about him, his message just had always rung true to me. I saw his campaign …

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humbling. (Yes We Can)

http://digitaljournalist.org/issue0810/callie-bp.html Keep clicking the ‘show more images’ at the bottom. I find these pictures amazing, and humbling to see, from him consoling the mother of a son who lost her son in Iraq, him cleaning up after himself, walking in his shoes until the soles wore out, to doing pull-ups, to watching his wonderful family …

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This is just sad.

McBush’s team has put together the saddest ad I’ve ever seen in a political race. Seriously, resorting to comparing Obama to these ‘celebrities’? Wow…. you can even smell the desperation! New McCain ad portrays Obama as celeb not leader Yes We Can!

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