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Storage Curse

So I was doing my (almost) daily read of and found an article by Momus that really hit home.

The Curse of Storage. So many points he makes are amazingly relevant in my life as well. All my life I’ve been such a pack rat that I have these massive accumulations of junk. It’s really hard to get through these when you’ve been this way for so many years. Though I must disagree on one thing, at least for my life. If I truly need to put it in long term storage — get rid of it. I could see if you lived in many places throughout the world over the years like he does, but, for me — staying quite close to the same area (yes, I know, how boring) it just makes no sense to keep long term storage.

Tonight I also bought Delicious Library in hopes to catalog my music, movie, and book collections. I think this will be a step in the right direction. Plus, Delicious Monster was having their ‘Delicious Gambler’s Sale’ so how could I pass up such a deal!! Quite impressive software, but hey, we are taking about software that runs on a mac aren’t we?!?!?! 😉

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