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paper bags…

So yesterday we went to Fashion (fascist) Island to see the nifty playhouses they currently have on display. I like the fact that all proceeds will be donated to charity. As cool as they are, they defeat the purpose of a playhouse in my mind, but, that’s a while different discussion. They are definitely nifty though.

The other day, Dawn brought home some dark chocolate made with chili for me to try. It was amazingly good. The store she got it from is at Fascist Island so we decided to get more while we were there. Went in, nicely done store and very nice people working there. Dawn bought the chocolate and we went outside. Low and behold, they had taken the chocolate bar (normal size mind you) — wrapped it in tissue paper — and placed it inside a gift bag. Now, I can understand that presentation means something in the consumer world; hell — I admittedly walk into the Apple Store and eat it with a spoon. That I get. But, seriously people, this is a dang chocolate bar! Does it really need all this waste? I’m quite bothered by this. Do we really need to have our chocolate wrapped in 42 times as much waste paper as necessary? Isn’t the the cleverly designed wrapper enough?

Ok, I’ll stop the rant. It is insanely great chocolate BTW…

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