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iPhone and Apple TV

Let me just say — I was blown away with today’s Macworld announcements. We all knew the ‘iTV’ was due out, and it does look awesome. At $299 it really looks like a great device. Then there is the iPhone. WOW. A lot of people had speculated about it for a looooong time now.

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Recently, we switched over to Verizon, from Cingular since I was sick of dropped calls. I really hope it has been fixed because this thing could actually get me to switch back. The capabilities on the phone are amazing, and the potential for ‘what’s to come’ after this device is endless. Yes, I’m really excited about this. Really. was ‘liveblogging’ the event today, and admittedly I spent a little time on that site today. hahaha. But this is really cool stuff.

Here’s an interesting example of the impact this announcement had today:
“Apple’s one-button bounce on the day was a stunning $6.1 billion”

“Investors dump RIM as Apple launches iPhone

yes folks, oh the times they are a (hopefully) changin’. 🙂 hahaha

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