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my iPod is dead

Yep. It looks like my wonderful little iPod has reached it’s end.

What a sad, sad day. It started acting up yesterday on the way home from work. I changed selections and it froze. So, I let the battery die (not that I had a choice) and let it rest for a while. Plugged it in to see what would happen and still had issues. Then, this morning, I was able to do a reset on it. Looked like it would work, but, did not. t just won’t play.

So, tonight I tried to do a restore and that is what I got. 🙁

I was so hoping an orange nano would come out before it died. I really want orange, but the shuffle just won’t fit my needs. I’ll likely get the (PRODUCT) RED nano, but we’ll have to see.

**UPDATE: It’s lives!!!!!!! Tricia helped me get it to restore. Then the thing just kept wanting to restore. But, looking on I found a good article. I popped it into disk mode, ran it through a disk check, and then the restore finished and I could start putting music on it. Wooohooo.

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