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Comic Con

Dawn’s been at Comic Con for today and yesterday. Thursday she had one of the worst experiences at Con she’s ever had. First, took her 3+ hours to get there due to an accident on the 5. Then, once she got there, she was barely able to see anything she wanted due to the hellish crowds. (yes, we’ve been there before — for years actually — this year just sounds worse than ever).

Then, she called me and said she lost the camera. Needless to say she was distraught. She checked lost and found, but no one had turned it in. I was more concerned about her being upset than a missing camera. Sure, it wan’t good that the camera was gone, but things could be worse right? Luckily I was already at Best Buy when she called, so I just bought her a new one. We got a very similar model for a good price — it was on sale so we’ll just say the timing wasn’t terrible.

Later, she called and just said the day sucked, she didn’t feel well, and she was just coming home. Poor thing. She was so looking forward to it, and Thursday just crapped out.

Today was much better. She got to meet Simon Pegg. Also got him to autograph a few things (including his own head on a stick — we’ll have to post pictures later). She also called me and said some guy asked her if she was with anyone, to which she replied she was married and showed the ring. — my wife is getting hit on at Comic Con, not sure if she’s allowed to go on her own next year! 😉

Me and the little man are meeting her down there tomorrow. I’ve been watching all the twitters come through about the con for 2 days <check here> and I’m getting excited. Hopefully our day turns out good. (watching the twit updates come through also has me wishing I already had my iPhone too, oh well, soon right?)

Wish me luck tomorrow.

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