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friends and a new place to live

Recently, some good friends moved away to Texas. My son and their children had become great friends, and my wife and I were great friends with the husband and wife. (Something we always joked about too — the liberals (buddhist/agnostic) & the conservatives (catholics)… hahaha)

We had been renting an apartment, they owned a condo. When they moved, our lease had just ended, and they wanted someone they knew would take care of the place to live there, and we were very happy to be moving to a bigger place. Timing worked out well.

They are missed a lot, but we’re happy for them. Jonathan was my workout partner in the mornings, and now I’m lifting solo again. Oh well.

We’re also really happy that another set of friends are coming for Thanksgiving. They moved to Portland years ago, and are greatly missed. (My best friend since the 10th grade) I can’t wait to see them!!!

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