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Tonight I sat with my son

I’ve been wanting to do this since he was born. Actually, since even before that. I have always known this would be a great way to teach him, but for him to be interested in meditation the timing had to be right. If I was to force it upon him I would be doing the opposite of what was intended. So, I waited until I knew the time was right.

Me: “I have an idea of what we can do later.”

Ian: “What is it Daddy?”

Me: “We can sit like the Buddha; I can help show you. Do you want to try?”

Ian: “Ok, we can try that.”

Perfect. He seemed ready and even interested.

So we did our usual routine, dinner, shower, reading, then get ready for bed. My wife and I have always had him on this nightly schedule during the week. Structure is extremely important and has been great for him. Not a strictness, but a structure. Tonight I was able to add something though.

Once he was ready for bed, he and I sat facing one another.We placed our legs in half lotus position. Placed our palms together in our laps. Straightened our backs. I showed him the most basic beginnings.

Breath in, breath out. That is one.

Breath in, breath out. That is two.

We did this to ten.

It was the first time he had sat, ten was enough. But he did it. Ian sat. May this help his path of mindfulness, no matter where that path takes him.

…joining palms

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