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Seeing the seeds of mindfulness take root; being humbled.

This weekend, my son and I went to the park and kicked around the ball for a good couple of hours. After a while we were a bit tired so we decided to take a rest in the shade. I turned my back for a minute and by the time I looked at my son again, he was already sitting in the shade — — half lotus. This amazed me as he just did it on his own. So I of course just joined him. Can’t begin to describe what the wonder I experienced with that one.


Then, my wife took him to the Lego store where they have big tubs of blocks so you can build whatever you like. I was at work but she sent me a picture of what he had built all on his own. A temple. Again, amazement


I think the seeds of mindfulness appear to be taking root, and I am humbled. I have to admit, this is more encouraging to my practice than any Dharma talk I can imagine.

…joining palms

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