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A good way to start our morning.

On Wednesday, I went to the gym in the morning, only to find out they weren’t going to open until a couple hours later. Not exactly excited about this, I drove home. When I got home, the little man was already awake so I thought we’d start the day with an adventure.

Here he is, acting like Godzilla destroying a mud town. We made an animated version of this as well, you can see it over on his website.


He thought this was funny, X marks the Ian.


then we were able to spot a giant spider hanging out on the bridge. We knew Momma wasn’t going to like it, but had to get a good picture to show her. 🙂


Next, we headed on over to the little lake and he made friends with the geese and duck. He would make their sound and then get very excited when they answered back. A large group of them even swam over to the side of the lake we were on.


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on the way back, he drew me a bunch of great Super Mario characters in the mud, then we threw his drawing stick into the little river; he’ll pick a new one next time 🙂


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then we just had a great time walking back.


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it was a good way to start the morning.

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