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A new year…

I am not going to make any ‘new year resolutions’ as we enter 2011. I can only remind myself that in life, we must resolve to do good in every moment, and be thankful.

Thankful for those around us, and the experiences we have. Thankful.

And I think of these words from Master Dogen;

There is a simple way
To become a buddha:
When you refrain
From unwholesome actions,
… Are not attached
To birth or death,
And are compassionate
Toward all sentient beings;
Respectful to seniors
And kind to juniors;
Not excluding or
Desiring anything,
With no designing
Thoughts or worries,
You will be called a buddha.
Do not seek anything else.

— Dogen (1200 –1253)



…joining palms

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