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Halloween – New Orleans 2002

an unforgettable moment in New Orleans on Halloween

Many moons ago, my wife and I made our second trip to New Orleans with our friends Tammy & Aja. Our first trip was for our honeymoon, five years prior, and that entire trip was one long unforgettable moment.Needless to say, we fell in love with the city so when the opportunity to visit again presented itself, we jumped at the chance.

This was also our second time visiting N’awlins during Halloween. (We even chose our wedding day specifically to allow our honeymoon to extend over Halloween. Yes, it is a favorite holiday) This time, we brought costumes!

Dawn was a beautiful Morticia, Aja dressed as Pugsley, Tammy as Wednesday, and my funny shaped head couldn’t resist dressing up as Uncle Fester. Being in the quarter on Halloween is magic. Complete magic. The streets are alive, most everyone is in costume, and the place it just wondrous.

Our version of the Addams Family was there, walking down Bourbon Street, enjoying Halloween. We passed almost every different costumed person you could imagine, and, some I couldn’t even describe! Then it happened.

I was passed by someone who I instinctively brought my eyes to, almost as if I was seeing some long lost family member. He looked back with the same gaze of familiarity. Time slowed as we walked past one another. Then, we both stopped in our tracks, turned to one another, and yelled:


It was Gomez! We raced towards each other and hugged as though to make up for lost time.

It was almost as if the moment was scripted. Both groups of friends enjoying their time in New Orleans for Halloween laughed. One of those unforgettable moments.

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