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living without: Facebook

As I wrote last in January, I had given up French Fries for 30 days. I am happy to say, it worked. I didn’t have a single one. This also led to eating a heck of a lot less fast food. The one time I was tempted was when we went to Red Robin; it was one of the few times we went out to eat and I had always enjoyed the fries there, but instead had a side of steamed broccoli. Not bad. To add to this, I may continue keeping French Fries out of my diet.
This month, I have decided to give up Facebook during the day. I do use it as a communication tool with a lot of people, but, it also has a bad way of being a complete time suck. So I will be removing Facebook from my phone and staying away from it Monday through Friday until 5:00 PM. The bigger goal here is continued increase in productivity. I have been in somewhat of a rut lately and need to resolve that.

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