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A Clean Desk

Things were fairly slow at work this week. Most had left early for their Thanksgiving breaks, so I had few new emails and action items coming in. This gave me a lot of time to take care of catching up on work. It also allowed me to finally clean out my desk.

I had been meaning to clean it out for quite some time and when I finally got to I was amazed at how things had piled up over the years. I had receipts and expense reports from years past. Training material from classes I took so long ago that I barely remembered. And notebooks filled with old scraps of information long past their usefulness. All of this is now gone.

I also had a large amount of knickknacks and things I had collected on a shelf over the years. Some went to other places (had fun adding a Mr Bigglesworth to my friend’s office), some went in the trash, and some got placed in a bag to bring home.

Funny thing is, I didn’t bother bringing that bag home yet. Something told me, why bother? The items inside for the most part, have just sat there at my desk being unused. If I bring them home I have a feeling the likelihood is very high they would do the same there. The old me couldn’t part with things like that, no matter how unused things were. Maybe something is changing because there is a large part of me thinking I’ll just place the entire bag in the trash when I return from Thanksgiving break.

Written 28-Nov-2013; still working to minimize ‘things’ in my life

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