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An Empty Room

I walked in to one of our bedrooms and marveled at how empty it was. We’re in the middle of a big shift between all the bedrooms in our home. It is a daunting task to say the least, but at the same time, an opportunity. An opportunity to clear out the unnecessary. Purge the excess. Remove the unneeded. This is an opportunity I’ve personally needed for a long time.

As we move things between 3 bedrooms, I can take a look at my own possessions and make sure they are not possessing me. Upon reflection, many of them are. Do I need t-shirts that I honestly never intend on wearing again? No. Donated. Do we need to hang on to receipts and memorabilia from our honeymoon that I intended on framing? Well, this October will be 17 years and I still haven’t framed them. Nope, don’t need them. Recycled. Some of these items were genuinely hard to part with. My wife was the strong one on a couple of the decisions. Yep, those possessions were possessing me. No longer though.

The room that was empty will not stay that way. It was a temporary state while we cleaned the carpet. But it offered something to reflect on; only fill it with the necessary and let life fill the rest. If I keep hanging on to old t-shirts and ancient memorabilia, isn’t that just getting in the way of the life that could be in it’s place? What am I hanging on to?

Emptiness is a funny thing.

If you enjoyed this, I always appreciate when you recommend or share. Anyone else working on minimizing old t-shirts, memorabilia, and the like? Leave me a note, let’s motivate one another.

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