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Our New Place in Portland

We’ve settled into our new apartment fairly well and are really enjoying our new home. I’m constantly in awe of how gorgeous the Pacific Northwest is and at this point I’m starting to wonder if Dawn is getting tired of me exclaiming ‘wow, look at all the trees’ every time we drive anywhere.

The apartment fits us well for now and is teaching me how we really need less than we what we have. Finding places for the remaining boxes is motivating me to continue to get rid of my possessions. That said, we’re still working to put a few things away.

We recently took a few pictures to send to friend and family to show them our new home. I thought I would post a few as well to share. Please excuse the boxes…

Our dining area
The front room, and our new couch
The kitchen
The pantry and laundry room
The front bathroom
The dude’s room
My office
The master bedroom (or as Dawn says “where the magic happens”)
The master bath
Our patio

I hope you enjoy the tour of our new place!

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