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Father’s Day

Ever since we’ve moved up to the gorgeous state of Oregon, a new tradition has started for my Father’s day; we all go to find a river or stream so I can sit with my feet in the water. It’s simple, I get to spend time with Dawn and Ian, and it gets us out in nature. Kind of perfect.

This year we went to the Smith Homestead day use area in Tillamook Forest. Previous times we’ve gone it was relatively quiet with very few people around. This year was a little different; we went on Saturday, the day before Father’s Day and with things starting to open back up there were a ton of people there. No worries though, still got out in nature, still got to spend time with Dawn and Ian, and still got to sit with my feet in the water.

Then on Sunday, we started off with a nice quiet morning at home followed by a Portland Thorns game! With things finally starting to open up, proof of vaccination for entry, and the attendance up to 80%, I was really excited to go cheer on the team with our Rose City Riveters family!

So good to hear that many of us.

One Goal Beyond!!!

It was a great Father’s Day weekend and I am so grateful for everything we have in our lives. Love you Dawn and Ian – I’m a lucky daddy.

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