That Time I Proposed to Siouxsie Sioux

Many, many years ago, I proposed to Siouxsie Sioux over the phone on live radio. It’s a story I look back on and smile.

Superstition had just come out, and ‘Kiss Them For Me’ was being played on every radio station I listened to, as well as a few I did not. It was Siouxsie and the Banshees first ‘Top 40′ hit, odd as that sentence sounds in every sense. I had been a fan of the band ever since I bought Tinderbox on cassette and nearly wore it out listening to ‘Cities in Dust’ over and over and over again. I was utterly infatuated with her voice and her beauty.

My then girlfriend Dawn and I were both fans actually, so when she found out about the radio station event at Disneyland with Siouxsie, we made plans to go. Luckily we were also annual pass holders back then.

The event was a radio call-in with Siouxsie and the DJs were broadcasting live from Tomorrowland Terrace. It was the usual radio event; giveaways, trivia, and an environment louder than you thought possible. Truth be told, neither Dawn nor I actually liked the radio station hosting the event. It struck us as funny that they even played Siouxsie’s song on their station. But, it was a Top 40 station and ‘Kiss Them For Me’ was everywhere.

A few minutes before the call, the DJ called out to the audience for 5 people to ask Siouxsie questions during the call-in. Dawn and I were 2 of them; I have to believe we ‘looked the part’.

Dawn knew I had a little crush on Siouxsie, heck, I don’t know many Goth kids that didn’t. The proposal was actually her idea, her dare to me even. In our excitement talking about what we would ask when our turn came up, she smiled at me and said “Why don’t you propose!?”. I quickly agreed and in hindsight maybe I was a little braver than I remember being.

The stage was set with 5 of us lined up a few steps in front of the crowd, the DJ talking to everyone in the audience, and the technicians patching in the phone call.

Siouxsie was talking to the crowd, and it was my turn to ask her a question:

DJ: So, we have another fan here for you with a question.

Siouxsie: OK

me: Hello Siouxsie. I was wondering if you were already married, and if not, would you marry me?

the crowd and DJ react WHOA! Dawn lets out one of her precious giggles that has been music in my ears now for as long as I can remember.

Siouxsie: (after a genuine laugh; you could hear her smile even) I’m sorry hun, I’m already spoken for, but thank you!

I have a smile from ear-to-ear now. I genuinely have no recollection of the rest of the day at this point, but that moment has stuck with me. Of course I knew the answer before I even asked the question. But I asked.

Dawn and I are still together, now as wife and husband, mother and father to an amazing boy. We have shared so many adventures over the years that I look back on. This is one in particular makes me smile.

Three Steps and One Bow

Buddhist Monks California Pilgrimage

Buddhist monks did a “Three Steps and One Bow” pilgrimage from San Francisco to Seattle, which last almost one year. Objective of bowing was for world peace. Slide show is accompanied by the famous Temple Bell Drum Chant which praises the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the Dharma. Chant is from a moving poem which contains many vows and aspirations of a vigorous Buddhist cultivator.

Three Steps and One Bow is an experience that has lasting impact on those who go through it with sincerity.

Though I’ve seen and read about the pilgrimage from San Francisco to Seattle before, it is always a reminder of how my own practice can improve.

Once you are done with the video, I recommend visiting this link and listening to “Three Steps One Bow” by Fabrizio Alberico. A beautiful song the captures the practice wonderfully.

One day I’ll walk without touching the ground
I’ll speak without making a sound
I won’t seek, just walk in a different time
Three steps and one bow
Three steps and one bow

…joining palms

Underworld — live at the bowl


Ethan and I went and saw Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. We’ve been Underworld fans for quite some time now so it was great to go see them. The show was fantastic! The show just kept getting better and better and better as they went on. Another great thing was seeing how much fun they were having onstage. Karl was jumping for joy like a school boy and yelling fantastic — seeing him truly enjoy himself just adds to the performance.

Here is a link to the full set of pics. I’ll hopefully have the video I took up on YouTube soon. Watch this space.