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Three Steps and One Bow

Buddhist Monks California Pilgrimage

Buddhist monks did a “Three Steps and One Bow” pilgrimage from San Francisco to Seattle, which last almost one year. Objective of bowing was for world peace. Slide show is accompanied by the famous Temple Bell Drum Chant which praises the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the Dharma. Chant is from a moving poem which contains many vows and aspirations of a vigorous Buddhist cultivator.

Three Steps and One Bow is an experience that has lasting impact on those who go through it with sincerity.

Though I’ve seen and read about the pilgrimage from San Francisco to Seattle before, it is always a reminder of how my own practice can improve.

Once you are done with the video, I recommend visiting this link and listening to “Three Steps One Bow” by Fabrizio Alberico. A beautiful song the captures the practice wonderfully.

One day I’ll walk without touching the ground
I’ll speak without making a sound
I won’t seek, just walk in a different time
Three steps and one bow
Three steps and one bow

…joining palms

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