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New Magazine

My temple used to run a daily newspaper. This was a lot of work and a huge undertaking for them. Plus, since it was daily, you can imagine that it was good locally, but a huge portion of copies got exported to Taiwan. Not sure that part of it worked out so well. Then about a year ago, they decided to stop the daily newspaper. It just became too much.

Later, the intention was to create a bi-weekly magazine. This seemed to peek interest greatly. We met to plot out who would become editors, writers, publishers, etc. Tricia was even planning to assist with the web design. 🙂 Then things became very busy at the temple again and the idea had to be set aside.

As of late, I thought we should consider this again, maybe as a monthly, or even bi-monthly undertaking. I thought out some ideas and ran them by Venerable Miao Hsi. She agreed, and was quite interested.

So, here we are and it does appear this will come to be. I’ve recently moved to a good hosting company that gives quite a good amount of space for a great price; 3 domains included. So 1) moving the family site over here — 2) started this blog — 3) I will use the third domain (name yet to be decided) as the magazine site. Very excited about this.

I’ve been trying to learn Joomla! lately when I actually have time to look into it. Seems like it will be the correct software to do this. I do have a few concerns thought. One, learning the software; luckily Jerid has gone through it and became quite the whizz at it. (Show your support, buy a knife from him, just please [personal request] don’t kill anything. hehehe) He’s helped me quite a bit, which is cool. Two, database size; I get 100 megs per DB with the hosting company, but I assume a magazine could outgrow that quickly. I’ve considered just using iWeb to design it as well, but don’t think I will. I love the look of iWeb, just doesn’t seem to be the program for something of this size. We’ll have to see how Joomla! goes and I’ll keep you posted.

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