Taking time

So I realized something recently; what I truly love about Portland is a sense of ‘not-doing’ I have come to accept. Not necessarily a non productive not-doing, but a sense of less rush, taking my time, observing the clouds. The realization that sometimes, it’s okay to do that. California never really allowed too much of …

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As many of you may know, Sweetcron has been released into the wild. Yongfook (Jon) had been working on this for quite some time; even had been running his own site on it for a while before announcing it would be released. I’ve installed a ‘beta site’ with it, and am continuing to play around; …

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Took a picture of Little Man at the Star Wars exhibit we went to this weekend (I’ll try to post more on that later) and submitted it to Threadless. We were both wearing our ‘Dark Side of the Garden’ shirts and he tried on the Darth Vader mask. Had to get a picture. Here’s the …

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