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HHDL — Day 2

Today was yet another amazing day with His Holiness. This mornings teaching session was even quite intense. With each session though, I can honestly say I see changes in my own mind. My own way of thinking. (mind/own in the conventional sense of course 😉 )

Bringing up mind and self; this is the essence of the teachings. The realization of no self — emptiness. Nagajuna’s commentary was written precisely for this; a deeper understanding.
The heart of Buddha’s teaching is really the combination, union, of compassion and understanding of emptiness.
The path that gets you there must be a form of this.
Method = cultivation of merit and collection of wisdom.
Great compassion is what makes the Buddha all that is good.
Highest level of conventional truth = compassion.
Ultimate truth — wisdom collection — — perfect view.
Truth about embodiment of truth and form
Through this one travels toward the attainment of Buddhahood.

Then we are on to the public talk over at Universal’s Gibson Amphitheater. The title of His Holiness’ talk was ‘Compassion — the source of happiness.’ My friend Fardous was going to meet me there, but was unable to due to family emergency. Quite unfortunate; I was happy that she would be able to see him. We can hope she’ll be able to next time.

Two things His Holiness said that really stuck in my mind today were:
This century should be the century of dialogue.
His real guru who taught him compassion was his mother.


to be continued…

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