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HHDL — Day 3

Well, yesterday was the final day of teachings, along with the initiation ceremony. It was amazing. Overall, I feel this deepened my Bodhisattva vows. A deeper commitment to the path of Awakening Mind. Something has already changed. Through right effort, right thought, I will continue on the path.

It was interesting, I’ve noticed my change already…. So I walked out yesterday for lunch break and heard yelling in front of the building. Come to see it, there were three men across the street holding up signs about how we should all read the bible and we’re going to hell. Before, I would have laughed at them,, and now I didn’t so much do that; I felt that they must be suffering with all that hate inside, to go out and just stand there to yell at people who they perceived as different from them. Hopefully they find peace in their minds.

The initiation and transmission was incredible. I can’t describe it here in words.

Afterwards, I was walking downstairs and just browsed into the bottom level of the auditorium. His Holiness was of course gone already, but the monastics were taking down the stage and giving out the flowers from each of the massive vessels on stage. I was fortunate enough to receive a yellow rose, and also bits of rice from the ceremony.

Today, Dawn took ‘the day off’. We all went to lunch with Matt, then she left to go see a movie, while he, Matt, and I went to the Apple store. Nice new iPods. The green one is especially nice looking. Then, Matt left so little man and I rode the ‘Giant Wheel’ at the Spectrum. He loved it, so of course I did as well. After that we came home so he could nap. Then, this evening we went and got him a fish for the tank he got for his birthday last Saturday. He got a red beta today. Ask him what the fish’s name is and his reply is: ‘his name’s fish’. so adorable.

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