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Moving — Car (what a weekend)

So it’s been quite a ride lately. Saturday I helped Ethan move his Grandparents from Victorville to Alhambra. It wasn’t a bad day. Very tiring, but overall, just not bad. His Grandparents are so nice how could a day of helping them possibly be a bad day.

Not to say it wasn’t a challenging day. 😉 The morning started out quite funny. So Ethan had reserved a 26 ft. truck a few days before, nicely telling the person on the phone that we’d intended to drive about 200–300 miles. Well, we got there, and after waiting for around 20–30 minutes for the sadly understaffed worker to help us, she let us know that though she did have the truck, she just couldn’t let us drive it that far due to a radiator issue. Though irritating at the time, in hindsight we agreed that at least she was nice enough to tell us this, rather than let us load up the thing and wait for it to break down, fully loaded (because you know that’s what would have happened) and then break down out in Timbuktoo. Once we got there it wasn’t bad. There’s some sick part of me that finds moving to be a fun challenge. Some say my love of Tetris really shows on moving day… hahhaa

Here’s the cherry on top though….. poor poor Ethan. We get the truck and van (forgot to mention, talked the nice person at the rental place into throwing in a van completely free. You know, if you tell places how they can resolve your issue, they typically will listen 😉 ) all loaded up with stuff and drove to the destination. Get there and it’s a somewhat busy street. Then it happens. I’m sitting there in the van, behind Ethan in the truck, and I start to yell NO ETHAN NO ETHAN ohhhhh crap. Yep, you guessed it — the family van that needed to be right in the way of a massive truck being parallel parked is now missing some of it’s original shape, paint, and one headlight. 🙁 They were nice when Ethan went to talk to them though, so that even turned out better than it could have.

So, got home around 1:30AM. Very tired. Then of course Little Man wakes me up at 7AM. We played trains 🙂

Then Sunday; we’re driving to temple for my BLIA meeting, then planned to head over to Disneyland for the Jedi Training show at Tomorrowland, and the lovely car decides to lose power. Long story short, it’s now at the dealer and they are fixing electrical and transmission problems. Word of advice everyone — the extended warranty they try to sell you with a new car — — ya, buy it!!! So happy I have it currently.

Well, you know what they say; chop wood, carry water.

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