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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Ethan took Moody and I to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Monday night. It had been so long since I’d seen a show at the Palladium! Same old place; though either I’m getting older, or their sound man is getting deafer and speakers getting worse. Likely just that I’m getting old. Oh well. Second thought — that has to be it. Watched the first opening band whose name escapes me currently, they were pretty good. Then the Blood Brothers were on. They weren’t bad, but they really weren’t my thing. Way too much screaming. And seriously, someone needs to take the old Rolling Stones videos away from the singer. But, just my opinion.

Then the Yeah Yeah Yeahs came on. It was great. I’ve been saying it since I first heard them — Karen really reminds me of early Siouxsie. Good stage presence, similar moves, similar (at times) voice, above all else — an intensity like Siouxsie. (consider that a massive compliment, I LOVE Siouxsie… I even proposed to her over the phone once)

I really enjoyed the show. For me, Maps really stole the night. Karen began the song, then stopped the band because she felt that the acoustic version was really needed. (thank you Karen — that was seriously perfect.)

It was a lot of fun hanging out with Ethan and Moody too. We NEVER get to do that anymore.

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