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looking forward to a great weekend

It’s been a hectic week to say the least. Hell, it’s been a hectic month. Work is the busiest it’s ever been, and it’s only promising to get busier. The coming months should be quite amazing though — as busy as it’s going to be, I’m honestly excited about it.

This weekend will be great. I don’t get to hang out with Matt too often, so this Sunday will rock. Little Man and I get to hang out while the girls have the baby shower. (which btw, any of you that know me, know that I’m of the ‘new school’ of fathers who believe in sharing the parenting 50/50. So, this whole ‘girls only’ baby shower isn’t a popular subject with me, but hey, whatever 😉 )

They are going to make such great parents. Michelle is an amazing person. Seriously. Always kind and caring, the type of person you really do know is completely special. (and those of you who know Matt, can imagine the level of patience she has. hahaha j/k Matt) Matt is one of the most unique people I’ve ever met. I’ve told the story time and time again, so what’s one more time….

I was working at <the place that shall remain unnamed for fear of losing my sanity> and saw this dude wearing a Cthulhu t-shirt. Went over and told him what a cool shirt I thought it was and we started talking. After a while I saw his desk. Now, we’ve all seen the typical cubicle farms that office workers are shoved into and this place was no different. Most people have books, food, whatnots up in the overhead bins of their cubicles. On no — not Matt. He had every happy meal toy imaginable from all fast food places in a 12 mile radius of the place! And not only that, they were arranged into this intricate diorama with complete story on how the M&M guys were robbing a bank, but the animal doods were the local armed forces trying to stop them, while the stuffed animal thingys were the horse cavalry trying to raid the local quiki mart. Or something like that (Matt, if you’re feeling up to it, please comment with the full story — cuz I know you remember it). Well, as you can imagine, I just had to be friends with this person. He was wayyyyyy too unique NOT to be friends with. And ya know, he’s been one of my best friends since. In a strange way, this is what lets me know the kind of Dad he’ll be. He is seriously smart, insanely creative, and incredibly imaginative. And I know he’ll be able to help their child be as creative as he is.

Well, enough said. This is going to be a fun weekend.

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