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Rick, follow me I’m right behind you

We recently returned from a visit to my parents house. It’s always good to go see them, but, I must admit, Lompoc is a strange place to me. (and if you haven’t heard of Lompoc, no worries, that’s normal… hahaha no one knows where it is.) Dad tells me it was once the flower seed capital of the country. I can’t believe this, but doing a quick search on youtube brought up a video of the ‘Lompoc Valley Flower Fields’:

Just another example of my long belief that anything you want to find is really on the internet. hahahaha….

I’m always told that it should be no longer than a 3–4 hour drive from my home, but it is actually a 5–6 hour drive….. EVERY frigin time. This is where the entry title comes in: ‘Rick, follow me I’m right behind you’. There was a huge big rig that we passed on the way. Someone had written that in the dirt on the back of it. Then, we got stuck in traffic. About 45 minutes later, we passed the same truck again. Now mind you — there is only one route up where we were and Dawn and I did not remember the truck passing us, but sure enough we passed it again. We agreed that while the statement makes little to no sense, it was the theme of our driving trip. Don’t know who Rick is, but I’m sure he’s as strange as our Twilight Zone’ish journey up there. Each time the place gets further away. (think the forever stretching hallway in Poltergeist)

Well, enough about the trip; all in all is was great to see my parents, and Little Man had a blast with Grandpa & Grandma.

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