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life is good

So I took off Friday and Monday to give myself a 4 day birthday weekend. I don’t do that often, I tend to work a lot. But hey, it’s not every day you have a birthday. Little Man and I had a wonderful day yesterday, and Dawn had a day off. We woke up, had entirely too much cereal (I’ve been dieting lately, going to the gym, the works), then got ready to attempt to take him to the movies. When I say attempt, I mean that Little Man sometimes likes being in the theater, sometimes he doesn’t. This was a time he didn’t. At first I wasn’t happy, but, then we went back to the car sat in the back seat, and hung out to eat our popcorn and drink our lemonade. Which is really all I wanted to do anyway. Then, we went and drove by home and Dawn brought a picnic lunch down for the two of us. He and I went and had our picnic at the train station and watched the trains go by. I was great. Once we finished eating we went to the petting zoo at Zoomar’s, since we we already at Capistrano. Went home, he had a nap, I worked a little (ya, I know, day off, but there was time and I needed to get something done).

Today was a similar day. We went and saw his cousins participate in a karate tournament. Then came home and hung out some more and cleaned the apartment. Tonight he really surprised me with two things. First, Spirited Away came on and he was very interested. (so happy if he is interested in Anime, another excuse for me to watch it. hehe) Then second, out of the blue he started acting like he was doing karate. (I really want him to begin a discipline in karate, I believe if channeled properly it will help him in every aspect of life.) Also, Uncle is over tonight and we always enjoy when Uncle visits.

Tomorrow Dawn has arranged a dinner for my friends to get together, which I’m quite looking forward to. It is actually likely the last dinner we have with a close friend of mine (since 10th grade) so that is a little bittersweet. (more on that later, he’s moving to Portland, which I’m extremely excited for him about) Then, my Mom is coming into town and staying with us until Tuesday. Yay!

So, we’re all caught up to the weekend so far, and I still have two more days off.

life is good.

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