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Wedding and Violence

Did I catch your attention? lol

Went to a friend’s wedding yesterday. Steve has been a friend for quite a few years now. Actually, used to be my boss as well. He’s the one who hired me into the company I’m at. Very good person. It was really great to see him so happy, he’s finally found the right woman to spend his life with. The ceremony was at his church down in Laguna. Being Buddhist, I guess I’ve become unfamiliar with how often god in mentioned in a Christian church. hahaha. But it was wonderful, he was just beaming with happiness. The reception was very nicely done as well. They had it in one of the large halls at the Marriot in Dana Point; very classy.

Then, Dawn and I went to see 300. It was cool, but, honestly with all the hype I expected so much more. The visuals were good, but no where near what I expected. The story seemed almost non-existent, and I hate to say it, but the scenes were just the same thing over and over. I guess that last part makes sense considering it’s subject. I’d recommend you see it, but, it’s just not as good as I thought it would be. Oh well, Curse of The Golden Flower comes out this Tuesday on DVD — soooo can’t wait…

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