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The meetings are complete

Finally, the week of meetings has come to an end. It was a great week at work. We got to meet as a team (some of us are not local to my office) and discuss the future priorities for the coming year. Many great improvements planned.

something about sitting in a conference room from 8ish AM to 5ish PM day after day is exhausting…

This weekend should be extremely busy as well. One of my friends (co-worker as well) is coming in from Canada and we’re planning to meet up tomorrow. Looking forward to that — don’t get to hang out with him too much and he’s a great guy. It’s really funny how similar we actually are. Also going to a confirmation (I think that’s what it’s called,, apologies, I’m not catholic, and I just don’t remember) tomorrow for my niece. Then, on Sunday I have a meeting at temple. Once that is done, I hope to take Little Man to meet up with Matt.

….what an exhausting week though…. wwhhewww..

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