You Know It’s Still Sunday, Right?

Didn’t sleep great last night, but wasn’t terrible either. As I’ve aged, sleep has changed patterns on me. Not a big deal, just is what it is.

This morning I woke up around 6:30 AM. I would have loved to sleep in a bit, but the mind wasn’t having it. My wife and son where still asleep so I quietly made my coffee, poured a fresh cup and came into my office. Sitting at the computer, I began to go through personal email, reading articles, and scheduling out a few things for my personal social accounts. You know, the usual. After about an hour, I see my door peak open and I smile as my wife walks in.

She looks slightly concerned and tells me,

“You know it’s still Sunday, right?”

I explain the morning, my lack of an ability to sleep in today, and smile at the suggestion that I forgot what day it was. Thinking about that afterwards though, it isn’t too far off — she knows me better than anyone.

She knows I can lose track of days sometimes and wanted to make sure I hadn’t this time. Luckily, that only typically happens when I take a week or two off. In my mind, that is how I measure a good vacation — did I forget what day of the week it was?

Working remote is new for me though, and I think this was her concern. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world right now. I love the ability to walk into my own office and just concentrate with minimal interruptions. I love looking out my window at the stream my office sits next to, and watch the squirrels run by on the weeping willow trees outside. I love having the chance to enjoy my lunch break with my wife and son every day. It’s the best.

But after working in an office environment for decades, it is definitely an adjustment. I can’t just walk to someones desk to have a quick conversation. I can’t hang out with the excellent team I work with or join them for lunch at Wahoo’s.

As I adjust to all this, keeping track of the days is something I get to pay closer attention to now. The days can blend together when you are getting used to remote work.

And luckily, I have my wife, always there to help me adjust to any changes life brings our way.

The meetings are complete

Finally, the week of meetings has come to an end. It was a great week at work. We got to meet as a team (some of us are not local to my office) and discuss the future priorities for the coming year. Many great improvements planned.

something about sitting in a conference room from 8ish AM to 5ish PM day after day is exhausting…

This weekend should be extremely busy as well. One of my friends (co-worker as well) is coming in from Canada and we’re planning to meet up tomorrow. Looking forward to that — don’t get to hang out with him too much and he’s a great guy. It’s really funny how similar we actually are. Also going to a confirmation (I think that’s what it’s called,, apologies, I’m not catholic, and I just don’t remember) tomorrow for my niece. Then, on Sunday I have a meeting at temple. Once that is done, I hope to take Little Man to meet up with Matt.

….what an exhausting week though…. wwhhewww..

Wedding and Violence

Did I catch your attention? lol

Went to a friend’s wedding yesterday. Steve has been a friend for quite a few years now. Actually, used to be my boss as well. He’s the one who hired me into the company I’m at. Very good person. It was really great to see him so happy, he’s finally found the right woman to spend his life with. The ceremony was at his church down in Laguna. Being Buddhist, I guess I’ve become unfamiliar with how often god in mentioned in a Christian church. hahaha. But it was wonderful, he was just beaming with happiness. The reception was very nicely done as well. They had it in one of the large halls at the Marriot in Dana Point; very classy.

Then, Dawn and I went to see 300. It was cool, but, honestly with all the hype I expected so much more. The visuals were good, but no where near what I expected. The story seemed almost non-existent, and I hate to say it, but the scenes were just the same thing over and over. I guess that last part makes sense considering it’s subject. I’d recommend you see it, but, it’s just not as good as I thought it would be. Oh well, Curse of The Golden Flower comes out this Tuesday on DVD — soooo can’t wait…