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As many of you may know, Sweetcron has been released into the wild. Yongfook (Jon) had been working on this for quite some time; even had been running his own site on it for a while before announcing it would be released.


I’ve installed a ‘beta site’ with it, and am continuing to play around; time permitting.


The installation went fairly well, but I did run into one unfortunate incedent. Some of the files use upper case as the first character in the name. The FTP client I used decided to not pay attention to that on certain directories, and a good deal of searching and replacing had to happen. While I personally would like to see them as lower case characters, it was easy to figure out, and not a huge deal.

So far, it updates rather well, and adding new streams into the items tab is easy enough. I would like to see the ability to change my password, but Jon is working on that in a new version. I anticipate updates to come quickly; he did well with 8apps. (I was a fan of the site, but understand why he did not take it forward. Well written, beautiful to use, but I’m sure something of that nature would have turned into a full time job.)

I agree with the concepts of lifestreaming; I know Sweetcron is not the first, but to me, it does the bext job I’ve seen in solving the issues. Those of us that spend a lot of time online have data scattered everywhere. It was something I’d been thinking about for quite some time. Pownce, Twitter, Flicker, & YouTube accounts that we post to. But no real way to connect them. Sure, there is FriendFeed, but in my opinion it just add to the problem. It’s still just another account with your data. Having your own domain for this to collect upon just seems proper.

Jon makes a good point in the beginning of a recent talk he gave (I’ve not watched it’s entirety, but plan to soon). How many of us update our blogs daily? HAHA ya, exactly, not unless we essentially are out to make money in doing so.

While I do plan to keep my WordPress blog around, I imagine it too will become just another feed in my Sweetcron lifestream. Yes, I know Sweetcron has a notes area, but for now the blog is staying — we’ll see long term. I do however, see this becoming the main page on my domain, blog taking or subdomain. I do post many places, and presenting this, on my own domain, is wonderful. (and Jon, if you read this, kudos again on the release of Sweetcron; you did not disappoint in the least — keep up the great work)

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