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Viking Festival

This weekend, we were able to attend the Viking Festival down in Vista, CA. It is put on by the Sons of Norway and Norwegian Fish Club Odin, and appears to be an annual event. Dawn had found out about it in the AAA magazine and I’d been looking forward to it ever since.

One of the first things we saw was a demonstration battle:

They had information about a ‘Viking Log Toss’ competition that I really wanted to enter, but it turns out that was held on Saturday. Oh well, maybe next year; I’ll be able to practice before then.

A ton of vendors were there selling anything from handmade chainmail, helmets, swords, and leather to shirts, flags, jewelry, and cooking supplies. I couldn’t pass up a shirt that had Mjölnir on the front with ‘If you can read this you are a Viking’ spelled out in runes. (yes, it is awesome)

A lot of the back area was set up with camps displaying tents and living quarters

(I told Dawn we should try to see if we can stay overnight in one of these next year; though I’m not sure she’s convinced.)

and, quite a few people were in costume

(as a side note, I spoke with him and they have a group that does ‘Viking flash mobs’ in Los Angeles. Their Facebook page is here: ‘Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings’ — how great is that! I may have to start working on a costume so I can join them.)

Although it was the longest line in the place, we waited and the lefse was well worth it, as you can tell by Ian’s look of approval here

The little man also got to paint his own sword and shield

which he tried out in battle against two worthy foes

as you can see, he fought valiantly and made his ancestors proud!

I think the one thing we all enjoyed the most was ax throwing! Dawn made great attempts

I landed 4 of my 5 throws (beginner’s luck I think)

and we gave Ian a turn and he landed it! (proud Daddy here!)

One of the excellent things is that I was able to get a bit of information that will hopefully help me in researching my ancestry back to Sweden. This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Also, found there is a local lodge of the Vasa Order of America.

All in all, it was a great time and we can’t wait to go back next year

We took a lot of photos, all available here: ‘2011 — Sept 25 — Viking Festival

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