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Slowly, working with present moment

This evening Ian let me know he wanted to sit with me. Admittedly, I am always excited when he decides he wants to try so we went right in after he brushed his teeth.
First, he decided to almost quit because he wanted to sit in his room, not where I usually sit. So, we moved the cushions to his room.

Next, he decided he would rather stick his tongue out at me while we sat. No big deal, just keep my eyes out of focus and let that pass as one does with the thoughts racing through your mind during meditation. (and of course, don’t crack up — because the little goofball is funny)

Next, he decided to get up and lay in bed; that he was finished sitting with Daddy. No big deal, we’ll try again when he’s ready to try again.

All of this gave me things to work with during my sit. I am always so excited when he wants to sit; don’t let my ego make him sit with me — he will when he is ready. Don’t attach to disappointment when he decides tonight isn’t the night to sit, just let it be.

I continued sitting, working with all of this, working in the present moment. Really, isn’t that the point?

The little goofball ended up fast asleep by the time I’d finished so I went to tuck him in. He must’ve been very tired as you could hear his breath. A sound I would rather listen to over any chanting I’ve ever heard… hearing your child laughing, or sleeping soundly is the most wondrous sutra there is.

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