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A few updates.

I haven’t written in a while, don’t seem to find the time so here is a list of things that I’ve been up to.
The Dude, the Reverend, and the Zen Master.


Yes, in my humble opinion this is a more appropriate title for the amazing talk given, but I may be slightly biased. 😉

I’ll just quickly go through a few of the many wonderful things that happened that evening, in no particular order:

Meeting friends


Meeting Shepard Fairey


I also met and shook hands with Moby, but no picture.

Singing a ‘round’ of row, row, row your boat with Jeff, Bernie, Danny, and the entire audience. No words!

And above all else, watching the good reverend interview two good people. I think that is what I was the most excited about, because I know how much of a Lebowski fan my friend Danny is and how you could tell he was having an amazing time up there with them. That will always bring a smile to my face.

An Evening with Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman from ALOUDla on Vimeo.

Cabezon Dinosaurs

Dawn, Ian, and I have fun visiting roadside Americana


view our album here

LA Fit Expo

Ian and I attend the LA Fit Expo most years and this time, Dawn joined us which was a real treat. Watching the Strongman competitors is always the best part, and this year they did not disappoint. Motivation!


view our album here (with videos)

Iron Lotus

Had a great time posting to Iron Lotus with a lot of good people I consider my friend. Five Buddhists keeping up training logs and their thoughts on strength training and the Dharma is something I feel was pretty special and unique. The site had a good run but we all came to the agreement that it was time to close up shop. Who knows, maybe it will have another incarnation as something else one of these years, always good to leave options open.


I may get my own training log going again soon. Training hasn’t been as consistent as I would prefer, but that is OK.


And last, but surely not least; lots and lots of things to do for soccer. I’m currently Spring Coordinator for our AYSO region, U10 Division Coordinator, web content coordinator, and of course, Coach. It’s somewhat like having a second job, but also a lot of fun. Our team is doing well so far this season.


and that’s most of it. I’ll try to write more when time allows.

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