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Just another day


Reverend Kusala posted this on his Facebook wall today and I thought it was perfect. Today I’m officially 39 years young. It’s funny, Dawn and I were talking about ‘getting older’ last night and we agree it just doesn’t seem real. Even though we are each that age, there are times we admit we still feel like kids.

And you know what, in a way, I intend to keep it that way. It isn’t to say we don’t want to be responsible adults, but to me it is more about trying to live in the present moment. Age really is just another classification we force upon ourselves and others, with very little meaning. The present moment is what is important; whether we are working at our jobs, coaching a soccer team, sitting in meditation, lifting a 500lb deadlift, or just taking a nice stroll along the beach. Being present.

So that is what I’ve been reflecting on today, between my back to back meetings at work; not worried about being 39, 59, or even 99, just being.

I hope you enjoyed this, now a message from me in a former life:

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