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She had been waiting 10 years for this very moment

Truth be told, back when my wife and I met, I was not the biggest Depeche Mode fan. They have always been her favorite, longer than I’ve know her for sure, which, is definitely saying something considering I have the privilege of being able to say we have been together for more than half our lives. Over time, she turned me in to a fan and I have been to a number of their shows with her. One of their songs had a significant role in our wedding. She and I welcomed an amazing little boy into our lives just over 10 years ago. In a wonderful gesture by a life-long friend, the first music our son heard on his way home from the hospital was Depeche Mode.

In summary, they have been a very welcome part of our relationship for as long as it has existed.

She and I have been to tons of concerts over the years. It was something we enjoyed throughout our lives, growing up together, moving between the phases of our relationship from boyfriend/girlfriend to husband/wife to mom/dad of our little man. She has always had her favorites and I mine, but for most of them we have shared the experience.

And then there is this weekend.

You see, ever since becoming a Momma she has wanted to be able to take the little man to see Depeche Mode. On Saturday, September 28th 2013 we realized that dream. And I’ll tell you this… it is now the most memorable, significant concert moment I’ve ever been witness to. Being able to see the love of my life overcome with an absolute, pure joy, well, there are just no words for things like that.

pure joy

I will tell you this though, I haven’t felt so alive, in years…

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