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living without: French Fries

As I stated on my training log, I have made only one goal for this year. Consistency. Without consistency; my weight training suffers. With it; success comes.
I also need the same frame of mind with my path towards a version of minimalism that works for my life. Consistency.

That said, I have been inspired by Leo’s ‘A Year of Living Without’. Simply put, there are things one can do without, and we may be better without them. A lot of the time all it takes is identifying what that is, making a commitment to live without it, then consistently take action to live without it. One day at a time.

I decided to give up French Fries. While that may not be as groundbreaking as giving up alcohol or smoking for some (gave all that up so many years ago anyways) it is being done with the intention towards bigger changes. I recognize my diet could improve and thought, what is a good first step; French Fries. I love them, but, they really are just a grease covered starch so why keep them in my diet.

I have committed to living without them for all of January. The intention behind this is that typically when I eat French Fries, I am at a Fast-Food establishment. This is the bigger habit to change. The way I see it, less French Fries will likely mean less Fast-Food! And being a couple weeks into January I am proving this true.

Will I give them up permanently? Who knows. Am I already feeling better this month without them, and the corresponding trips out for Fast-Food? Absolutely.

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