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Had a great time with family and friends last night for 4th of July. Captured plenty of pictures and video, as usual, but this one is definitely a favorite.

I reflected on this picture this morning and I can’t help but think of present moment. As he gets older, he’s naturally starting to assert his independence. I know this is natural. He’s growing up. Quickly.

Probably too quickly for me.

I do admit, for me, this is probably the most difficult of his life stages so far. The time is coming when my little buddy doesn’t necessarily want to hang out with me any longer. Not in a bad or negative way, just to say that his independence is becoming more and more important to him. He enjoys being on his own. It’s funny, on occasion when he has a friend over and yells downstairs for me to come join them in playing Nintendo, I jump at the chance. I do enjoy playing video games, but that has little to do with why I practically run up those stairs. No, it’s because I know the invitations will become less and less frequent as he grows up.

I also take solace knowing that years after this, the invitations to hang out will return.

For the time-being, I get to see him grow into a young man. Propping him up as best I can.

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