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What a morning…

Yesterday, I woke up at my usual time and prepared to head over to the Y for my morning strength training. 6:30 AM is the only time I’ve found I am able to stay consistent. As I drove to the gym, I noticed the lights on my dash flickering, but as the pre-workout hadn’t kicked in yet, I figured maybe my eyes were still waking up. Parked the truck, grabbed my bags, and as I walked away the truck didn’t lock. Maybe the key fob ran out of batteries. I went over, opened the door and realized my lights didn’t come on either. Tried to start the truck and nothing; it was dead. Awesome start to the morning, and here I was, looking forward to deadlifts. I called AAA and they dispatched a driver to come over to assist me. Thankfully, he arrived quickly and after a few tests had good news for me. The battery checked out, as well as my alternator. Then he informed me the ground cable on the battery was loose. That’s it. Happy it was an easy fix, but feeling like a complete amateur for not catching that, I headed home to get ready for work.

I’m happy to report that the shower and journey to the office were completely uneventful. However, my attempt to use the elevator was not without challenge. It just didn’t want to work. After three tries of the door closing and the elevator doing nothing but beep at me, I switched over to another one. Finally, at my desk, time to start my day, right?

Wrong. My laptop decided to freeze. It didn’t even get a lovely BSOD, it just froze. Awesome. I giggled a bit and restarted my computer. Waited patiently for it to boot, opened Chrome and the 6 vital tabs I’m in all day. Got email running, and was finally ready for the day.

I noticed something that made me smile. I wasn’t mad. I just laughed and had Dory from Finding Nemo singing in my head:

And that is what I did all day; just kept swimming. It was a natural decision — don’t let things going wrong pile up and ruin your day. Why give them that power? Just keep swimming.

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