New personal goal met

So yesterday was leg day for my new lifting schedule. The set of lifts I put together for this leg session is a lot, but should give me great progress.

It started off with squats. This is an exercise I had not enjoyed when I first started doing them. Not sure if that was because of the difficulty, the fact that my first gym only had a Smith machine to use when doing them, or what… I had steadily gone up over time, and yesterday I felt mentally and physically prepared to go after my goal. Now, mind you this is lighter than many people, but I am quite satisfied — only lifting for a little over a year, mostly self taught with some pointers from friends, I’m happy with my progress.

I was able to squat 315 lbs. Happy. Now I need to get that for 5–8 reps and truly own that weight.

Muscle and Fitness — Poll

Glad to see I’m about average on this one. It’s admittedly one of the areas I continue to feel I need major improvement. Here are the results from I’d love to be at least within that 18.8%, but all in due time…

What is the most you have ever bench pressed without a vest?

  • 201–250 514 27.2%
  • 251–300 427 22.6%
  • 150–200 367 19.4%
  • 301–350 356 18.8%
  • 400+ 139 7.4%
  • 351–400 87 4.6%