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Thursday night exhausted….

Ok, hello, and welcome the new edition of Thursday night exhaustion. Typically, by the time Thursday evening hits, I’m frigin pooped out. This week is no different. Though the point I currently find quite interesting is this, why do Fridays keep creeping up on me? For at least 3 weeks now, it’s been Friday before I realized it.

A couple weeks ago we had a short week for the 4th. I can understand that feeling like a short week, but it’s continued that feeling since then. And, each and every Thursday night I’m tired, exhausted, brain dead. (Yet I still sit here don’t I — instead of doing the intelligent thing by going to sleep) Tomorrow I’ll likely be a zombie. Looking forward to it though, Moody and I are going to take the boys out so the mommas can have a night of fun. Not positive where we’ll go, but I’m sure we’ll have a good time. I can say this though; with the craptastic weather we’ve been having, the evenings plans will likely include ice cream. haha.

So the blog is working for me well so far. Not positive how interesting it is for you, but we’ll have to see.

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