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L.A. toy store tour

Today, the little man and I went on our little road trip. A mini-tour of Los Angeles toy stores. First, we took a nice (and very trafficky) drive up to Wacko’s Soap Plant. (Back-note, I’d been thinking of taking little man to Giant Robot all week and Tricia recommended I make time to visit Wacko’s and Munky King. Very good recommendation) I’ve you’ve never been, let me just start by saying, I guarantee the only place a store like this even could exist, is in LA. It’s sooo Los Angeles. All kinds of people shopping while we were there; a family with their 2 1/2 year old, college kids checking out the art gallery, tattooed crew, and even the local punk rock kid in yes, you guessed it, leopard print vest and black bondage pants. Rockin. Like I said, only in LA.

The place is wonderful. I must say, I’m glad I’ve ditched (most of) my habit of buying really spur-of-the-moment type funky weird stuff. If not, Dawn would not be happy with me right now. So many random fun weird toys in there. I was lovin it. And so was the little man; though admittedly, I was nervous he’d wreck at least one of the 37 million toys they had everywhere. But, he did well.

This was little man’s favorite thing in the art gallery:

We walked out of there with a couple of tin alligators, Lemonheads candy for me, and, the coolest thing ever; a black washcloth, with the pirate skull and cross bones on it. Nice.

Next, we were off to Munky King. On the way there I just had to take a picture of some amazing, and HUGE advertising:

Munky King on Melrose is really great. Of course the first thing we get there, Ian spots the girl who works there rearranging some of the display and has to go flirt. (that’s my boy!!!) She played skateboards (little hand ones, not full size) and yes, Daddy is a sucker and bought him a vinyl figure that comes with a skateboard. We’ll share though — I get the figure for my desk at work — he gets the skateboard. He ran around the store and made me nervous so we didn’t stay too long, but he did enjoy the custom larger than life vinyl in the back that all the locals had signed, and added to. Very cool:

Also, as we were paying for his toys I noticed some very nice art they had by ‘Plastic God’. I know you’ll recognize the subjects:

At that time, it was starting to get a bit late. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it to Giant Robot, but guarantee we’ll be up there very soon. We had to hurry home meet Dawn for the Modefan meetup, which was of course a blast!!!

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