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Wired News: Everybody Is a Star, er, Planet

Wired News: Everybody Is a Star, er, Planet:
This is exciting. Ever since he was born, Little Man has been very interested in the stars and planets. When Dawn and I think back, this must be from his Baby Einstein — Baby Galileo “Discovering the Sky” DVD he was obsessed with for many months. One by one, that DVD taught him the names of each planet, their overall looks, everything. Then of course being the obsessive Dad that I am, we have planets hung in his room, poster from our trip to JPL, he already has his first telescope, you name it. (hey, what can I say, proud Daddy)

He can name each planet with at least an 85% success rate. This is either by pointing to the picture of a planet, or by asking “Where’s Mars?”, and this has been through the majority of his second year. (like I said, VERY proud Daddy)

Now reading this article, it looks as though we may have new challenges to learn. 3 more planets to teach my Little Man about.

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