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Gave blood today.

So I had another appointment for donating blood today at 4PM.

It went really well, but, typically does. This poor lady though; we were sitting there eating our free cookies and juice afterwards and she started to state that she didn’t feel well. They asked her to try and walk over to lie down on the cot, but as she stated that she didn’t think she’d make it she passed out. The onsite RN came over just in time. They got her over to lie down and luckily splashing her face with water was enough to wake her up. I hope she’s ok.

Found some interesting facts about donating blood at the Mayo Clinic’s website, the most striking of which is:

“Only 5 percent of eligible donors across the nation donate blood, but the number of transfusions nationwide increases by 9 percent every year.”

It’s such a small amount of time, within minimal effort, yet the potential benefit to others is so high. And heck free cookies and juice when you’re done, you can’t go wrong with free cookies and juice.

When you’re ready to donate — please see the following link:

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