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Study Promises Benefits of Exercise in a Pill

Wired has an article that it an interesting read.

People are always looking for the ‘quick fix’ magic pill. And, as we continue our way into the future it continues to present itself in different ways. This is a very conflicting subject though. The part of me excited about the future (and also the part of me that knows we’re already there) is quite interested to see this type of study. Healthy or not, this is fascinating. The part of me that enjoys bodybuilding is interested to know what this type of treatment would do to enhance progress in weightlifting. But, the ethical part of me is worried about this. Not only for the animal testing I imagine that went into this research, but the long-term benefits/risks associated with quick fix pills, and the unhealthy expectations this could have for people.

Bottom line is — if it’s worth doing, the hard work is typically the more rewarding path to go.

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